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Public Records Request Form

  1. Public Notice Regarding City Records Custodian:

    In accordance with Section 119.12 Florida Statutes, the general public is advised that for all public record requests and inquiries, the city's record custodian is:
    Colby J. Cilento, City Clerk
    City Hall, 2nd Floor Reception Desk
    22 S. Beach Street
    P.O. Box 277
    Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
    Ph: 386-677-0311
    Fax: 386-676-3330

  2. Please select the type of record that you are requesting:*

  3. If you wish to be notified when your copies are ready, or contacted if there are any questions that arise regarding your request, please provide contact information below.


    You are not required to provide a contact number or email. Under Florida law, any information provided in a public records request, such as email addresses are subject to public record. If you do not wish for your information to be subject to public records, please do not provide it, rather contact City Hall by phone or in person. If you are making this request in a manner other than in person, and your request will incur research fees (see below) the estimated fee will be calculated and the request will be held for your approval and deposit.

    If you have given us a contact number or email, we will call or email an estimate to you. If you have not provided contact information, and fees will be incurred beyond copy costs, or if questions arise, your request will be held until you contact us. Copies made for requests that will not incur research fees, and are submitted without contact information, will be produced and held for 30 days for pick-up.

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