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Nova Community Park


  1. Baseball Fields
  2. Basketball
  3. Community Center/Meeting Room
  4. Fitness Room
  5. Outdoor Grill
  6. Outdoor Handball
  7. Outdoor Tennis
  8. Parking
  9. Picnic Area
  10. Playground
  11. Restrooms
  12. Skateboard Park
  13. Walk/Jog Bike Path
Nova Community Park is an expansive and very popular community park. The park includes 60.2 acres and is located on the west side of Nova Road, with three acres located on the east side. The park offers a variety of amenities including a fitness trail, a skate court, and the Magic Forest Playground. There are also four handball courts, two outside basketball courts (one is lit), six tennis courts (two are lit), five baseball fields, and three pavilions with picnic tables and several grills. The pavilions are available for rental. For more information, please call 386-676-3250. 

The park is also home to the Nova Community Center, which offers a wide array of recreational amenities, activities, programs, and events.