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Memorial Gardens Park

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  1. Gazebo/Pavillion
  2. Parking
  3. Walk/Jog Bike Path
Situated on approximately 2.5 acres at the southeast corner of Granada Boulevard between Seton Trail and Halifax Drive on Ormond Beach's beachside, is the Ormond Memorial Gardens, which were built on a former sand dune. The gardens are natural ground that was gently developed into a park. Natural depressions were made into ponds, and you can climb the steps near the waterfall to the seemingly highest elevation in Ormond Beach. 

Parts of the gardens are manicured landscaping and other parts are left in a naturally wild state. Although the gardens are located in the heart of the city, walking the paths gives a feeling of being in a tropical rain forest.

The gardens contain five ponds that are home to numerous turtles, frogs, and fish. Aquatic plants such as water lilies and water lettuces offer food, shade, and natural cleansing in the ponds. Marginal bog plants such as papyrus, bananas, ginger lilies and wild flowers flourish near the three ponds which were formed by natural depressions.

Visitors can enjoy the solitude of a quiet bench or nook, or walk the labyrinth inside the gazebo. The gazebo is the site of several wedding and memorial ceremonies. For rental information, please call 386-676-3216.