Is my property located in a flood hazard area?

Yes, every property is in a Flood Zone.  Flood Zones are determined by FEMA Flood Insurance Studies based on the risk of flooding.  High risk flood zones include A, AE, AO, V, and VE.  Flood Zone X is considered a minimal risk area and doesn’t usually require the purchase of flood insurance.However, flooding can occur anywhere. For more information, please click on the following link:

The FEMA maps delineate areas that are within flood hazard areas (areas prone to flooding) as well as areas outside the flood hazard area (Flood Zone X).  These maps are used by insurers and lenders to assist in determining if flood insurance is required for a property owner.  You can determine the flood zone for your property through the FEMA Map Service Center. provides information regarding the purchase of a flood policy, risk assessments, types of flood insurance, and policy costs and terms.

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