What type of airport is Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (OMN)?
OMN is defined as a General Aviation Reliever Airport. The term general aviation refers to all civil aircraft that are not classified as air carrier, commuter, or military in nature. A reliever airport pulls private aircraft away from the air carrier airports to reduce air traffic delays and increase safety. An air carrier airport is an airport that provides regularly scheduled passenger and freight service.

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1. What type of airport is Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (OMN)?
2. Why are planes allowed to take off and land late at night?
3. Why do I notice increases and decreases in the number of airplanes that fly over my house?
4. How does the weather and season affect aircraft noise?
5. Are there regulations on how low aircraft can be?
6. What limitations prohibit OMN from establishing restrictions on airport operations?
7. How can I make a noise complaint?
8. What happens when I place a noise complaint? What does the airport do with that information?