Are short term rentals / Airbnb’s allowed?

Short term rentals in the City of Ormond Beach is defined as transient lodging and is not a Permitted, Conditional, or Special Exception use within the City’s residential zoning districts. Transient Lodging is defined as less than a six (6) month lease. 


For properties located within the City of Ormond Beach, long term rental, defined as more than a six (6) month lease, is permitted in all residential zoning districts. The City does not regulate the long-term rental of private residences, meaning, no business license is required. 


The City’s B-4, B-6 and B-7 commercial zoning districts allow transient lodging as a permitted use. Transient lodging establishments in these zoning districts require a local business tax and must comply with all the state transient lodging regulations. Review of transient lodging locations must be approved by the Site Plan Review Committee.

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