Do I need special software to use ePlans?
For Internet Explorer users, you will need Internet Explorer version 6 or greater in a windows environment. Also, you will need to install the ProjectDox Component prior to use. This can be done from the ePlans login page. Once there, you will notice in the bottom left-hand corner of the page that there is a link to "Install ProjectDox Components."

For non Internet Explorer users, such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you will need both Flash and Silverlight installed on your computer. As long as you have Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer, the system should work properly once you log in.

However, ePlans is optimized for use with Internet Explorer, so we do recommend using that browser for the best ePlans experience possible. We also have a link on the ProjectDox ePlans web page to a System Use Requirements manual. You may want to read through it for any useful hints for the type of system you are using.

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