Public Record Request Fee Schedule

Below is the fee schedule for the production of public record requests. 

Copy and File Charges (per page)

One Sided 8½x11” Copy $0.15
One Sided 8½x14” Copy $0.15
One Sided 11x17” Copy $0.20
Two Sided Copy $0.20
One Sided 11x17” Color $1.20
One Sided 8½x11” Color $0.60
Two Sided Color $0.90
Plat Size Maps/Drawings $2.50
Plat Size Maps Color $10.00
Land Use Maps/Aerials $50.00
Certified Copy Add $1.00
CD or DVD – supplied by City $0.25
CD or DVD – from requestor No Charge
Flash Drive – supplied by City $5.00
Flash Drive – from requestor No Charge

Requests delivered via email do not have copy charges. Service charges may still apply. 

Note: There are no copy charges to inspect records unless copies are requested; however, service charges may apply. 

Service Charges

Per Florida Statutes, a fee based on the custodian’s, or his or her designee’s rate of pay will be charged for extensive time, use of information technology, resources, or clerical labor. Extensive means more than fifteen minutes to locate, research, review, remove confidential or exempt material, copy/scan, and re-file the requested material.

If your request will incur service charges, you will be provided with an estimate prior to the request being produced. Charges will be calculated at the current rate of pay for the records custodian and/or his/her designee.

Estimated cost of extensive research and/or costs for copies must be paid in advance. Any differences will be collected or refunded when the material is ready.

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