Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles and Vendors

Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles are allowed within the city limits as part of a special event or mobile food dispensing vehicle host permit in the locations below:

  • On city property as approved in association with a city sponsored event, or approved by the leisure services department with a special event permit such as City or Mainstreet sponsored events on public property (Celtic festival, 4th of July fireworks, etc.).
  • House of worship special events on private property designed for over five hundred (500) people with a special event permit (such as Prince of Peace Octoberfest, Calvary fireworks show, etc.).
  • Within the North US1 Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement (ISBA) area with recognized itinerant vending during the recognized special events per Chapter 2, Article VII of the Land Development Code (LDC).  
  • Within the B-8 (Commercial) and I-1 (Light Industrial) zoning districts with a mobile food dispensing vehicle host permit.
  • Single-family and multi-family developments with residential clubhouses or community centers with a special event permit.  The number of mobile food dispensing vehicle events shall not exceed 12 in a calendar year.
  • No mobile food dispensing vehicles shall be permitted on vacant land or properties with no principal use demonstrated by an active Business Tax Receipt (BTR).
  • Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle Owners Responsibilities
  • Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle Application
  • North US1 ISBA area
  • B-8 Commercial Zoning District map
  • I-1 Light Industrial Zoning District map
  • Permit Application