Ormond Beach Marketing Material

Marketing material about Ormond Beach is available. Please review the Economic Development booklet and Flyers promoting the City, Ormond Crossings, Ormond Crossings Commerce Park, and the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport. 

Whether you are a company considering a new location for your business, a site selection consultant looking to learn more about our community, or a company looking to expand in Volusia County, let the City's Economic Development Team provide you with up to date maps, market information, and contacts to assist you in the process. 

Please reach out to Brian Rademacher, CEcD by phone (386) 676-3266 or by e-mail: brian.rademacher@ormondbeach.org.

cover page to the City of Ormond Beach Econoimc Development Booklet, it contains the City name Ormon Opens in new window

Image of the first page of the Market Profile Overview Flyer. Contains brief description of Ormond Beach, includes a graph on population trends, age group trends, and icons related to household income and educational attainment statistics for residents in ormond beach based on US Census data.

First page of a two page flyer promoting Ormond Crossings. The image contains a brief description of the proposed project, a location map showing location of ormond crossings in the context of the State of Florida, and it contains an overview image of the conceptual plan of ormond crossings.

First page of a two page flyer promoting the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport. Flyer image contains brief description of the airport, bullet points on what future development will include, bullet points of the available on-site services included at the airport, and two pictures one is an aerial photograph of the airport. The second one is a schematic of the airport.

First page of a two page flyer promoting Ormond Crossings Commerce Park, it has a brief paragraph describing the key features for the proposed business park, contains a list of the entitlements per square foot, has a location map of Ormond Crossings in relation to the State of Florida, and then it contains a rendering of the Ormond Crossings Conceptual Plan rendering.