Voluntary Noise Abatement Program

Program Overview

The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport has a voluntary noise abatement program. The program is considered voluntary because the Ormond Beach Municipal airport is a public-use general aviation facility, thus all flight activity is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

City officials and staff members are not empowered to regulate or restrict flight activities in contravention of federal regulations. Air Traffic Control Tower personnel support noise abatement measures whenever practicable. However, their priority and primary responsibility is to manage and maintain the safe separation of aircraft in flight over Ormond Beach.

Residential Areas

Noise abatement procedures are designed to minimize the exposure of residential areas to aircraft noise, while ensuring the safety of flight operations. Pilots are asked to be aware that there are noise-sensitive residents and neighborhoods and to follow these noise abatement procedures during flight operations in Ormond Beach.


Noise Abatement Procedures:

Please click here for an informational video on Noise Abatement Procedures.