News and Notices

The Development Report lists pertinent information for all on-going projects in the City of Ormond Beach and provides the status of each.

Posted January 7, 2019:

Posted December 21, 2018:

The following two projects are scheduled for the Board of Adjustment and Appeals for January 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. and notices have been sent:

  1. 1 Moss Point Drive.  The property owner is seeking to fence the property as follows: (1) Replace an existing eight (8') foot high fence in the rear yard with an eight (8') foot high fence.  (2) Construct an eight (8') foot high fence in the side corner yard with a zero (0') foot setback.  (3) Construct a six (6') foot high fence in the front yard with a zero (0') foot setback.  The project shall need multiple variances as proposed.
  2. 1509 Oak Forest Drive.  The property owner is requesting a calculated average waterfront rear yard setback variance to allow the construction of an addition to an existing single-family home.  The applicant is requesting a waterfront rear yard setback ranging from 44.0' to 52.0' based on the slope of the mean high water line, which would require a 30.7' variance to the calculated average waterfront rear yard setback of 74.7'.

The following four projects are scheduled for the Planning Board for January 10, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. and notices are being sent:

  1. Granada Pointe Planned Business Development amendment: The amendment seeks to: (1) To allow a car wash as a permitted use under certain conditions within the Granada Pointe Planned Business Development; (2) Allow privacy walls to range from a minimum of 6' (six) in height to a maximum of 8' (eight) in height; (3) Remove the required easement for eight (8) future parking spaces on the North Parcel of the Planned Business Development that was approved for the benefit of the Three Chimneys property; (4) Modify the required $10,000 contribution to the Ormond Beach Historical Society for the construction of a walkway for pedestrian access to the Three Chimneys historical site to allow use of the contribution for the repair and maintenance of the Three Chimneys property; (5) Clarify that two (2) outparcels are permitted on Unit 4 of the Planned Business Development contingent upon the outparcels meeting the minimum requirements of the Planned Business Development and the Land Development Code; and (6) Request approval for the removal of historic tree #19 from the North parcel of the Planned Business Development.  The Planned Business Development site area is 32.58+ acres and includes properties on the south and north side of West Granada Boulevard.
  2. Extended Stay America project, 275 Interchange Boulevard.  Proposed Planned Business Development rezoning seeks to allow the development of a four (4) story all suites hotel, Extended Stay America, of approximately 54,000 square feet with 124 rooms and associated site improvements.  The project proposes to defer a portion of the required parking.
  3. Retail fruit stand, 1560 North US 1.  This project proposes to allow the outdoor storage of four trailers in association with the retail fruit stand behind the building as a Special Exception.
  4. Capital Improvement Elements.  A Comprehensive Plan amendment to update the Capital Improvements Element to be consistent with the approved Capital Improvement Program.

Planning staff has received a land use amendment and DRI amendment for 2575 West Granada Boulevard.  The parcel of land has a land use of "Public Institutional" and was shown as a Church site in the Hunter's Ridge Development of Regional Impact. The applicant is seeking to amend the land use to "Suburban Low Density Residential" to allow one single-family house.

Posted December 18, 2018:

  1. Salty Church expansion at 221 Vining Court - The project proposes to construct a new 11,585 square foot building, improved parking, and site improvements to the west of the existing building at 221 Vining Court.  The building addition includes a 6,457 square foot assembly area.  The project has scheduled a neighborhood meeting on January 15, 2019 at 221 Vining Court starting at 6:30 p.m.  The project shall need a Special Exception amendment and is expected to be heard by the Planning Board at the February 7, 2019 meeting.

Posted December 5, 2018:

  1. The December Monthly Development Report is available and is located at:
  2. The Site Plan Review Committee has received an application at 220 North Nova Road for a remodeling of the Publix within The Trails shopping center.  The site plan indicates a demolition of the existing Publix building, former CVS unit, and the parking lot.  The construction would include a new building of approximately 48,387 square feet and associated site improvements.
  3. The Site Plan Review Committee has received an application at 1535 North U.S. Highway 1 to demolish the existing gas station and reconstruct a new 2,490 square foot Dunkin Donuts coffee shop with a drive-thru and associated site improvements.