News and Notices

April 12, 2018:  The Zaxby's project at 1287 West Granada Boulevard has been issued building and site permits and had a pre-construction meeting with the Site Plan Review Committee.  The site at 1287 West Granada Boulevard (Zaxby's) is zoned B-8 (Commercial) and the project has been planned since 2014.  The project was designed jointly with the Vystar project at 1301 West Granada Boulevard and the two sites have a shared driveway connecting to West Granada Boulevard and a shared lift station for sewer.  The Zaxby's project proposes to construct a 3,847 square foot building (90 seats) and associated site improvements.  It is expected that construction will start the week of April 16th.

April 13, 2018:  A neighborhood meeting will be conducted by Brad Bauknecht, P.E., Vice-President Newkirk Engineering, regarding the application to demolish the existing structures at the Fountain Square Shopping Village located at 142 East Granada Boulevard and construct a five (5) story mixed use building consisting of 5,924 square foot of retail (4 tenants on ground level) and 22 residential units (floors 2-5).  The application is a permitted use in the B-4 (Central Business) zoning district and is under review of the City Site Plan Review Committee.  The neighborhood meeting is a requirement of the Ormond Beach Land Development Code.  The purpose of the meeting is to detail the proposed project and answer any questions regarding the project.

The neighborhood meeting will be held at 142 East Granada Boulevard on the first floor of the Fountain Square property on April 30, 2018 between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.  A brief presentation will be given at 6:45 p.m. and the remaining time will be an opportunity for individuals to ask questions and provide input.