Reuse Water

Current Schedule

Process & Service Area
The City of Ormond Beach reclaimed water (reuse) system provides over 1 billion gallons of reuse water annually to City customers. By reusing effluent for irrigation, withdrawal of water from the Floridan aquifer is greatly reduced and reduces the risk of saltwater intrusion into drinking water wells. Reclaimed water is the result of wastewater that has been treated and disinfected at the City’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility in accordance with stringent FDEP permit conditions. Treated effluent (reuse) is pumped from the treatment plant to the City’s 7 Million Gallon (MG) Storage & High Service Pumping Facility located at the Public Works facility and to storage tanks in Breakaway Trails (1.6 MG) and Hunter’s Ridge (0.9 MG). 

The City’s present reuse service area (see map) includes residential service within the City to the North & South Peninsula, western Ormond Beach areas of Breakaway Trails and Hunter’s Ridge, and a portion of N. Beach Street south of Melrose Avenue. The reuse service area also includes bulk service to Oceanside CC and Tomoka Oaks GC. Several parks, commercial facilities, and roadway medians along portions of S. Ridgewood Avenue and Nova Road are also included in the City’s reuse service area. Currently there is an annual average day customer demand of 3.62 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) used for irrigation purposes from the available 4.57 MGD sanitary sewer flow rate received at the City’s wastewater treatment facility. Using effluent for irrigation reduces the amount of effluent that must be discharged to the Halifax River, lessening environmental impacts to the River’s ecosystem.

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Charge for Service (Connection Fee & Monthly Rate)

Connection charges for reclaimed water service along with monthly service rates are established in City Code of Ordinances Chapter 22, Water & Sewers, Sections 22-79 and 22-167. Residential and common area service rates are a flat rate per month and are not metered. Bulk reclaimed water customers are charged monthly based on metered use. Monthly service charges or rates are as follows:

Standard Service Area
10-1-2016 to 9-30-2017
 West Ormond Utilities District
10-1-2016 to 9-30-17
Residential  $16.00 $8.00
Common Areas or Open Space  $105.00 $105.00
Bulk Users (Golf Courses)  $.11 per 1,000 gallons Not Applicable
Connection Charge and Application Fee  $215.00 / $30.00 $215.00 / $30.00

NOTE: Ormond Beach Resolution 2016-132 dated September 20, 2016, authorized incentive for temporary waiver of $215 connection
fees for new reclaimed water connections in the South Peninsula area until December 31, 2018.

Requests to Establish Reuse Service

Customers requesting service connections to reuse system must prepare a permit application with the City of Ormond Beach’s Building Department, located at 22 S. Beach Street, Room 104. Permit technicians will assist customers with determining the availability of reuse along with the permit application process. Building permits may be applied for by the individual property owner or their contractor. Once the connection is complete, the property owner or their contractor shall request an inspection by City staff; upon successful completion of the inspection, reclaimed water (reuse) service will be initiated.