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Posted April 26, 2018:  Planning Board notice:  PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) restaurant, Shoppes on Granada II.  On May 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Commission chambers at 22 South Beach Street, the Planning Board shall meet and review a Special Exception application within the proposed Shoppes of Granada, Phase II for a restaurant (PDQ - People Dedicated to Quality) with a drive-through.  Phase II of the Shoppes of Granada proposes the commercial redevelopment of non-conforming single-family houses and the relocation of Salzburg Animal Hospital into the project.  The Shoppes of Granada, Phase II project was approved by the Site Plan Review Committee on October 3, 2017 with a restaurant outparcel to be designed at a later date.  The project has applied for a Special Exception to permit a PDQ drive through restaurant which is a restaurant type C under the City's Land Development Code and requires a Special Exception within the B-10 (Suburban Boulevard) zoning district.  The project area for the proposed restaurant type C shall be located approximately 165 linear feet west of the intersection of Mirror Lake Drive and West Granada Boulevard with a proposed address of 1246 West Granada Boulevard.

Posted April 26, 2018:  Planning Board notice:  It is expected that the Pineland subdivision shall be reviewed for a Preliminary Plat for phases 2-5.  The project is an approved project as a Planned Residential Development, via Ordinance 2008-44 and amended with Ordinance 2016-29.  The Planned Residential Development is the project zoning approval.  The project was approved by the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) on December 4, 2017 and a Preliminary Plat has been approved for Phase 1 of the subdivision.  The project is now seeking the Preliminary Plat for phases 2-5.  The Preliminary Plat is the technical review of the subdivision of land to verify consistency with the approved Planned Residential Development.

Posted May 8, 2018:  The City of Ormond Beach is currently processing an application submitted by The Granada Plaza Group, LLC, for the second amendment to the Granada Plaza Planned Business Development (PBD) located at 125 East Granada Boulevard within the Downtown Overlay District, to demolish a 7,200+ square foot freestanding Starbucks with a drive-thru and associated site improvements.  The amendment shall delete the 2004 B-4 zoning district regulations from Ordinance No. 2005-37 and adopt by reference the current B-4 zoning district regulations.  This project is scheduled for public hearings before the City Commission on May 15, 2018 (1st reading) and June 5, 2018 (2nd reading).

Posted May 8, 2018:  There are four items (three Ordinances and a Resolution) regarding signage regulations as the result of the Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona Supreme Court case that are scheduled for the final reading at the May 15, 2018 City Commission meeting.  The amendments have been reviewed in three workshops of the Planning Board and City Commission to remove the content-based regulations from temporary signs, site signage and building signage sections of the Land Development Code.

Posted May 8, 2018:  There are two Land Development Code amendments scheduled to be heard by the City Commission on May 15, 2018 (1st reading) and June 5, 2018 (2nd reading).  The first amendment seeks to amend the floodplain standards to adopt the Florida Model Foodplain Management Ordinance consistent with the National Flood Insurance Program, the Community Rating System, and the Florida Building Code.  The model ordinance has been amended with city-specific language reviewed and previously approved by the Florida Department of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The second amendment seeks to establish criteria for the permitting of docks where the lots are located in unincorporated Volusia County and the Halifax River for the dock is located within the City of Ormond Beach along 1130 John Anderson Drive to 3132 John Anderson Drive.

Planning Division

The City’s Planning Division is responsible for current and long-range planning and development review.

The Development Report lists pertinent information for all on-going projects in the City of Ormond Beach and provides the status of each. 

The Planning Board reviews and makes recommendations to the City Commission regarding all applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments, rezoning and Land Development Code text changes. 

Building Division

The City's Building Division issues building permits, business tax receipts, and performs building inspections.

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