User Guides

Applicant User Guide
The first seven pages of the Applicant User Guide will give you basic information for using ProjectDox and how to get your files ready to be uploaded into the system. Beginning on page 6, there are step-by-step directions on how to upload your drawings, and then completing your task (page 9).

Project Status and Markups Guide

This Project Status and Markups Guide will explain how to use a few of the reports that are part of ProjectDox. You will be able to view markup comments, follow the department review status, look at associated emails, and be able to create Excel worksheets or PDF files from the reports that are generated.

ProjectDox System Use Requirements

This System Use Requirements Guide will provide information on how to configure your system to work optimally with ProjectDox.

Digital Signature Guide

The Digital Signature Guide gives you an explanation of the Florida Statutes concerning Digital Signatures and explains the components of a digital signature and the 3rd Party Certificate Authority.