Emergency Preparedness

This section contains helpful links and information you need to know when major storms, wildfires, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies affect our area. Please follow official emergency instructions and evacuate quickly if asked. Download the Ormond Beach Peacetime Emergency Plan.


Keep Important Papers Together

Have your insurance papers, house deed, and other important documents in one place so you can grab them quickly. During an emergency, keep them in a water-tight, zip-lock bag and take them with you if you have to leave. 

Keep Records of Your Possessions

Each year, take pictures of your home, both outside and inside, and of all your possessions in case of an insurance claim. Keep those with your important papers. 

Note: Do not keep documents in an airtight bag for long-term storage, as condensation locked inside will deteriorate the paper. 

Florida Department of Highway Safety

List your emergency contacts with the Florida Department of Highway Safety. This service allows law enforcement to know your emergency contact information in the event of an emergency.

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida Division of Emergency Management has information to assist you in developing your personal emergency plan.

For More Information

During an area-wide emergency, City of Ormond Beach officials work closely with Volusia County Emergency Management officials. These County officials would order evacuations, if necessary, as they oversee countywide emergency response.

If you have any questions, please contact the public information officer at 386-676-3315.