The City’s Planning Department is responsible for current and long-range planning and development review. 

The Department, in fulfilling that responsibility, is charged with developing and maintaining two of the City’s regulatory documents: 

These documents are designed to ensure the protection and preservation of the quality of life of the residents of and visitors to the City of Ormond Beach.

Planning staff also serves as liaison to the:

Each of these boards plays an integral role in achieving the goals that are set forth by the City Commission.

Plantation Oaks posting notice:

Based upon annexation, the City of Ormond Beach is assigning a city zoning designation to the Plantation Oaks subdivision. The city zoning designation shall incorporate the existing Volusia County Development Orders with no alternations to the number of lots allow. The site posting is a notice requirement of the Planned Residential Development for Planning Board review. The Planning Board hearing date for this item is on June 11, 2020 starting at 7 p.m.

The zoning amendment is specifically to: (1) amend the City’s Official Zoning Map for the Plantation Oaks subdivision from Volusia County Plantation Oaks of Ormond Beach Planned Unit Development (RPUD), Volusia County RR (Rural Residential), Volusia County R-3 (Urban Single Family Residential), Volusia County R-4 (Urban Single Family Residential) and Volusia County R-5 (Urban Single Family Residential) to City of Ormond Beach PRD (Planned Residential Development), (2) approve an Ormond Beach development order incorporating the existing Volusia County zoning approvals, and (3) authorize an amendment to allow Phase 1 (669 lots) of the Plantation Oaks subdivision to delete the age-restriction that limits residents to 55 years in age and over. The Phase 1 lots would be subject to Volusia County school concurrency. The property is approximately 1,055.80 acres being generally located along the east side of Interstate 95, south of Halifax Plantation subdivision, west of Old Dixie Highway, and north of U.S. Highway 1.

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