Planning Division


The City’s Planning Division is responsible for current and long-range planning and development review. 

The Division, in fulfilling that responsibility, is charged with developing and maintaining two of the City’s regulatory documents: 
These documents are designed to ensure the protection and preservation of the quality of life of the residents of and visitors to the City of Ormond Beach. 

Planning staff also serves as liaison to the:
Each of these boards plays an integral role in achieving the goals that are set forth by the City Commission.

Services & Online Forms

Processes & Flow Charts

  • Annexation
  • Building Improvement Grant
  • Certificate of Appropriateness for Historic Property
  • Coordinated Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Expedited Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Final Plat Process
  • Greenbelt Corridor Review for Volusia County
  • Land Development Code (LDC) Amendment (text only)
  • Lot Split Process
  • Planned Development Process
  • Preliminary Plat Process
  • Release of Easement
  • Rezoning
  • Right of Way Vacation
  • Site Plan Review Process (staff approval)
  • Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment (<10 acres)
  • Special Exception Process
  • Tree Removal Permit
  • Variance Process