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As the Building Division, we are committed to providing the tools and assistance needed for the timely completion of your project. 

The Building Division accepts building applications, reviews plans, issues permits, performs building inspections and processes Business Tax Receipts. 


 A building permit is required for:

  • All projects to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure.
  • Construction, installation, enlargement, alteration repair, removal or replacement of any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system regulated by technical codes.

Exceptions to permitted work:

  • Cosmetic work such as carpeting, wood flooring, tile, cabinet replacement, and residential painting.

Owner Builder Exemption: 
  • To qualify for the owner builder exemption for both residential and non-residential (commercial), the property must be titled in the property owner's name and not a corporation or trust.
  • The building or residence must be for the use of the property owner and not for rent, lease or sale within 1 year of completing the construction.
  • A commercial building can be built or improved by the property owner provided that the costs do not exceed $75,000.
  • Property owners must apply in person at City Hall and provide proof of ownership.
  • The property owner is required to sign an affidavit indicating responsibility for the permit and project.
  • Homeowners may be required to speak to the Building Official depending on the scope of work.

Apply for a permit
  1. Complete application in full:  and include all contractors with license numbers.
  2. Property owners must personally appear at the Building Department, Room 104, to sign an Owner-Builder affidavit in order to qualify for the owner-building exemption per Florida State Statute 489.103 (see Owner-Builder Exemption above).  
  3. The property owner is required to have their signature notarized by a city staff representative.

How to check the status of a permit:

Project Applicants: Utilize Tyler EnerGov Civic Acces. As the applicant on the project you can view the status and comments that have been made by the reviewers.
Citizens: Utilize Tyler EnerGov Civic Acces. From there you can view the permit information by entering the parcel number, address or permit number and it will provide a general detail of a property on what permits have been applied for, the history, and the status. 

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**All contractors who work in the city can verify their state license status by clicking here before submitting a building application.