The City of Ormond Beach is given the legislative authority to establish, amend and enforce land development regulations by Florida Statute 163.3202, and the City's zoning classifications implement the land use policies and objectives in the City's comprehensive plan. The zoning districts are utilized to promote land use compatibility as a means of protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the City and its citizens. 

The zoning regulations are found in the Land Development Code and define the dimensional standards for the properties within each district, including but not limited to minimum yard setbacks, lot coverage, building size and location, building height, and density. Accompanying general regulations for specific uses are also addressed by the Code. Each of the zoning districts defines the uses that are permitted by right, uses that require planning staff approval, and uses that are permitted if granted a special exception by the City Commission.

Ormond Beach Zoning Districts and Maps

Open Space / Conservation   Zoning Maps                 
SE             Special Environmental                                                    Ormond Beach Zoning Maps
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Residential Districts                                         Business Districts  
REA Rural Estate Agriculture B-1     Professional / Office         
RR  Rural Residential B-2 Neighborhood Commercial
SR  Suburban Residential B-4 Central Business
R-1  Residential Estate B-5 Service Commercial
R-2 Single-Family Low Density B-6 Oceanfront Tourist Commercial
R-2.5  Single-Family Low-Medium Density B-7 Highway Tourist Commercial
R-3  Single-Family Medium Density B-8 Commercial
NP Neighborhood Preservation B-9 Boulevard
R-4  Single-Family Cluster & Townhouse B-10 Suburban Boulevard
R-5  Multi-Family Medium Density    
R-6  Multi-Family Medium-High Density    
T-1  Manufactured / Mobile Home     
T-2  Manufactured Home    
Planned Development   Industrial           

General Regulations                            I-1       Light Industrial                            
PRD  Planned Residential Development     
PBD  Planned Business Development    
PID  Planned Industrial Development    
PMUD Planned Mixed Use Development