Development Report and Current Projects

Development Report

This Development Report lists pertinent information for all on-going projects in the City of Ormond Beach and provides the status of each. 

Ormond Beach Development Projects

Commercial Properties

ProjectLocationApplicationSite Plan
589 South Yonge StreetMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 07/20/2017
783 North U.S. Highway 1MapApplication Site Plan Approved 05/24/2016

Air One Map Application Site Plan Submitted 04/12/2019 
Antares of Ormond BeachMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/12/2016
Boot HillMap  Application Site Plan Approved 09/12/2019
Breakaway Trails Ground Storage Tank Map Application Site Plan Approved 03/14/2019 
Casements Carriage HouseMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/20/2019
Cassen Park Map Application Site Plan Approved 02/21/2019 
Coolidge Avenue Office Warehouse Map ApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/05/19
Courtyard at Ormond BeachMap ApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/28/2019 
Dunkin Donuts Map Application Site Plan Approved 05/22/2019 
Edgewell Loading Map Application Site Plan Approved 05/25/2019 
Edgewell North Loading DockMapApplication Site Plan Approved 11/20/2019
Extended Stay America Map Application Site Plan Approved 03/22/2019 
FPL Substation ExpansionMap ApplicationSite Plan Submitted 11/15/19
FUGU Map Application Site Plan Approved 07/09/2019
Go Juice Map ApplicationSite Plan Approved 10/22/2019
Granada Plaza Sewer Rehab Map Application Site Plan Approved 02/07/2019 
Home 2 Map Application Site Plan Approved 10/29/2019
Modern Wash Map Application Site Plan Approved 08/14/2019 
Nova Road ClimateMapApplication Site Plan Submitted 11/19/2019  
OB Championship Softball FieldMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/04/2018
Ocean Club Map Application Site Plan Submitted 05/23/2019
Oceanside Golf & Country Club DrivewayMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 06/26/2017
Oceanside Golf & Country Club DropoffMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 10/09/2018
Oceanside Golf & Country Club Outdoor SeatingMap Application Site Plan Approved 05/29/2019 
Ormond CentralMapApplication Site Plan Approved 12/08/2017 
Plantation Oaks, Phase 1AMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 02/05/2020
Publix Remodel Map Application Site Plan Approved 08/22/2019 
Salty Church Map Application Site Plan Approved 05/03/2019
Shoppes on Granada II - Starbucks Map Application Site Plan Submitted 05/19/2019 
Shoppes at Granada PointeMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/14/19 
S.R. Perrott Expansion Map Application Site Plan Approved 12/09/19
Stor-ItMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 10/17/2019
Suntrust Bank RenovationsMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 05/03/2019
The PumphouseMap Application Site Plan Approved 08/05/2019 
Thomas & BettsMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 08/31/2017
Total Comfort Map Application Site Plan Approved 12/19/19
Wild Olive ROW Vacation Map Application Site Plan Submitted 02/06/2019 
YMCA, Phase 3MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 02/04/2020

Residential Properties

ProjectLocationApplicationSite Plan
Cypress TrailsMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 9/20/2017
Halifax 100MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/12/2017
Halifax 100 Amendment Map Application Site Plan Submitted 8/30/2018 
Ormond Renaissance Condo        MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/01/2016
Ormond GrandMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 07/09/2019 
PinelandMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 03/31/2019
Plantation Oaks 2BMapApplication Site Plan Submitted 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2CMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2D MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/20/2018