Development Report and Current Projects

Development Report

This Development Report lists pertinent information for all on-going projects in the City of Ormond Beach and provides the status of each. 

Ormond Beach Development Projects

Commercial Properties

ProjectLocationApplicationSite Plan
1141 N. US 1, Special ExceptionMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/02/2023
Beach House Graphics MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/17/2023
Complete Cardiology ExpansionMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 7/25/2023
Culver'sMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 02/27/2023
Halifax Paving OfficeMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 06/06/2023  
ApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/26/2023
Love Whole Food ExpansionMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/19/2022
McNamara WarehouseMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/27/2021
MetroNetMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 01/27/2023
Mister Car WashMap
Site Plan Approved 09/06/2023
North Interchange, Industrial Flex SpaceMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/17/2022
North Interchange Self StorageMapApplication
Ocean Club Map Application Site Plan Approved 08/08/2021
Ormond Beach HoldingsMap
Site Plan Approved 05/24/2023
Ormond Beach Self StorageMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/24/2023
Ormond CentralMapApplication Site Plan Approved 12/08/2017 
Ormond Central Self-StorageMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 02/10/2023
Ormond Gateway RevisionMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 02/07/2023
Perrott Depot MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 05/29/2023
Public House RestaurantMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 07/18/2023
Site Plan Approved 09/28/2021
Splash Car WashMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 05/16/2023
Site Plan Approved 04/21/2023
Valiant Diner, Phase 3MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/14/2022
WaWa, North US1MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/01/2023
Walgreens commercial access improvements
Site Plan Approved 07/14/2022
Winkler CabinetryMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 03/28/2023

Residential Properties

LocationApplicationSite Plan                
121 East
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 07/31/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 1
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 09/11/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 2
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/17/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 3
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/18/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 1, Final Plat
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 04/05/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 4
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/07/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 5
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/06/2023
Archer's Mill, Phase 6
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/07/2023
Bradford Lakes
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/29/2023
Bradford Park
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/01/2023
Fountain View 1B
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/08/2023
Ormond Enclave
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/21/2023
Plantation Oaks 2B
MapApplication Site Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2C
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2D 
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Regal Multifamily 
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 02/01/2023
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/05/2023
Stanton Grove MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 10/29/2022
Tattersall at Tymber Creek
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 03/14/2023
The Cupola at Oceanside
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 08/25/2021
The Enclave
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 07/26/2023 
Tides at Ormond Beach Final Plat
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/26/2023
Tides Edge
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 03/27/2023
Tomoka Reserve
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/06/2023
Tomoka Reserve, ZMA to R-2
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/04/2023
Tymber Creek Apartments


Site Plan Submitted 05/26/2023