Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) District


In 1984, the City of Ormond Beach established the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area to address conditions of blight, inadequate road layout, and inadequate parking facilities.  The master plan for the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area was last updated in 2006/2007.  This master plan has led to:
  1. Construction of capital projects such as streetscape, public parking lots, stormwater and park improvements;
  2. The implementation of a Building Improvement program;
  3. Partnership with Ormond MainStreet;
  4. Changes to the City's Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan to further the goals, objectives and policies of the master plan.



May 15, 2019 Downtown Steering Committee
May 15 DSC Agenda
May 15 DSC Minutes
DSC Ideas, Opportunities and Actions
DSC Input Topics
DSC Flip Chart Notes
Downtown CRA Master Plan Survey
April 17 Public Meeting DOT Maps 
Ormond Beach Public Meeting Kickoff Notes
Ormond Beach Public Meeting Kickoff Theme Topics
DSC Steering Committee Presentation

May 15, 2019 Public Meeting
May 15 Public Meeting Agenda
May 15 Public Meeting PowerPoint
May 15 DSC Public Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2019 Downtown Steering Committee
June 26 DSC Agenda 
June 26 DSC PowerPoint
Report Outline and Input Summary
Public Meeting Ideas Tabulation
Public Meeting Boards and Dots Voting
DSC Tabulated Ideas and Votes
DSC Voting Ideas and Dots Voting
May 15 DSC Minutes
May 15 Public Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2019 City Commission Workshop
Ormond CRA Commission Workshop PowerPoint
August 7, 2019 Workshop Agenda Packet (Downtown Master Plan)

September 24, 2019 Final Downtown Master Plan
Final Downtown Master Plan Update Report

March 28, 2019 Downtown Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting
Downtown Steering Committee Schedule
Downtown Progress Report