Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) District


The Downtown Overlay District generally encompasses the downtown commercial area of the City, both east and west of the Halifax River. It includes both the areas designated for community redevelopment and Tax Increment Financing.

The purpose of the overlay district is to assist with redevelopment efforts by providing site design flexibility, while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality. Such areas of unique character and conditions often cannot meet modern code requirements because of nonconforming lot or building configurations; therefore, certain requirements may be waived through a City Commission Special Exception process such as a Redevelopment Plan or Downtown Parking Waiver. Allocated Tax Increment Financing (TIF) monies can assist eligible property owners in redeveloping endeavors by use of the Property Improvement Grant Program.

Chapter 2, Article VI of the City's Land Development Code addresses the criteria and regulations unique to the Downtown Overlay District, such as architectural design standards and building materials, building colors, outdoor seating, and signage, among others.