Site Plan Review Committee

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) reviews all applications for land development to ensure compliance with the city's Land Development Code, as well as the city's Standard Details and Florida Building Code requirements. 

The Planning Department coordinates the activities of the SPRC, which is comprised of staff professionals in planning, engineering, building, landscaping, utilities, fire, and law enforcement, who are charged with reviewing proposed developments to address both on-site and off-site impacts. The SPRC also reviews requests for road vacations, utility easements and lot splits. The fee schedule for the various types of applications is found in the city's Code of Ordinances.

In order to keep city officials and the public apprised of the status of current land development projects, Planning staff publishes a Monthly Development Report

Development Applications

Site Plan Application
Public Hearing Application


School Concurrency Application

Other Related Applications

Annexation Petition
Lot Split Application


The Public Hearing application is utilized for annexations, Land Development Code and zoning map amendments, Comprehensive Plan amendments, Planned Developments, Special Exceptions and Street Vacations.