Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for design and administration of the City's property and casualty insurance program and the employee safety program.

Risk Management includes:
  • Employee injuries and Workers' Compensation benefits
  • Safety and health of employees
  • Select claims filed against the City of Ormond Beach
  • Subrogation of damages to City property
  • Protection of City property

Damage Claims:


Under Florida law, specifically Section 768.28, Florida Statutes, the City of Ormond Beach is a self-insured municipality for purposes of claims arising from the negligent acts or omissions of its elected (or appointed) officials, as well as its employees who are acting within the course and scope of their official duties; and it is entitled to the privileges, benefits, and immunities as otherwise provided therein.

The City has adopted a comprehensive Risk Management program as set forth in Sections 2-310 through 2-315, Ormond Beach Code of Ordinances. Under this program, all incidents that are alleged to have caused personal injury and/or property damage must be investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the City is legally liable for any or all of the damages alleged.

How the Claims Handling Process Works:

The Code of Ordinances requires that all claims for damages against the City be presented in writing. Upon completion of a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding a particular claim, the City’s Risk Manager may refer the matter to the City’s Claims Committee for an evaluation and determination of the City’s legal liability, if any, for the payment of damages. This committee normally meets on a monthly basis.

The Claims Committee, by majority vote, may either approve or deny the payment of a damage claim (or portion thereof) that does not exceed $25,000.00. The settlement or payment of a claim in excess of that amount must be presented to and ratified by the City Commission.