Capital Improvements Program

Related Program Projects

The City's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) consists of projects related to road, utility, recreation, airport, and technology improvements.

CIP FY 2016-2017
CIP FY 2015-2016
CIP FY 2014-2015
CIP FY 2013-2014
CIP FY 2012-2013

CIP Report

The first page of the report is a map of the City depicting the current CIP projects. The following 3 pages of the CIP Report list the CIP projects and provide summary information for each - project title, project manager, and proposed project schedule. Click on the summary page project title to go to the detail report for that project, which provides more information including a project description, project justification, current phase, and project status. Click on the detail report page number to go back to the summary report page. The report is updated quarterly.