Ormond Crossings


Ormond Crossings is the product of a partnership between the City of Ormond Beach, Volusia County, and Tomoka Holdings that envision an innovative live/work planned community, featuring a state-of-the-art business park, lifestyle town center, and a variety of residential neighborhoods. Download the Ormond Crossings Flyer for a quick overview.

Ormond Crossings Aerial


This 3,000-acre tract of undeveloped land is located along the east and west side of I-95 and south of US-1 within Volusia and Flagler counties. The project site is adjacent to the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport and is bisected diagonally by Florida East Coast Railroad, which has existing siding along the property. Because of its proximity to these major transportation links, the site is an ideal location for all types of industrial and commercial uses. The City and Tomoka Holdings worked together on the planning, land use approvals and permitting.

Land Use Plan

Ormond Crossings is divided into the following Planned Mixed-Use Development (PMUD) zoning areas: Business Park Area; Town Center/Business Park Areas; Residential; Institutional Area; Park/School Areas. 

Land Use Plan Exhibit D

Business Park Area

The Business Park Area, Ormond Crossings Commerce Park, which is located east of I-95 and west of US-1 and includes frontage on the Florida East Coast rail line, will provide an area for economic development within the City. The following land uses are authorized within the Business Park Area: office, business/flex-space; industrial; storage; warehouse/distribution; and public/institutional.

Town Center/Business Park Area

The Town Center/Business Park area will also provide an area for economic development within the City. A mixture of non-residential and residential land uses will be encouraged to provide an opportunity for a live-work-shop-play environment. The following land uses are authorized within the Town Center/Business Park Area: retail commercial; office; business/flex-space; storage; public/institutional; multi-family residential; and a community center.

Residential- High Density Area

The Residential-High density Area will accommodate a concentration of centrally located residential units adjacent to both the Town Center/Business Park Area and a Park/School Area where a future elementary school will be located. The following housing types are authorized within the Residential-High Density Area: condominiums; apartments; townhomes; and other types of attached residential units. 

Residential-Medium Density Areas

One of the Residential-Medium Density Areas will also accommodate a concentration of residential units near the Town Center/Business Park Area...The other Residential-Medium Density Area will accommodate a concentration of residential units at the northern entrance to Ormond Crossings near retail commercial and other business uses that are existing or planned along US-1. The following housing types are authorized within the this area: patio homes; zero lot line homes; townhomes; row homes; duplexes; triplexes; four-plexes; and condominiums. 

Residential-Low Density Areas

One of the Residential-Low Density Areas is adjacent to a Park/School Area providing for a diversity of residential housing types near a future elementary school. The other Area is located in the southwestern portion of Ormond Crossings where low density residential is compatible with adjacent land uses. Detached single-family homes on varying sized lots, in conventional or neo-traditional neighborhoods, are authorized in the Residential-Low Density Areas. 

Ormond Crossings Conceptual Plan

Ormond Crossings Conceptual Plan

Permitted Development Uses

Land Use
Gross Bldg./Units/Students/Acreage
Retail Commercial200,000 SF
Office900,000 SF
Business/Flex-Space350,000 SF
Industrial800,000 SF
Storage240,000 SF
Warehouse/Distribution560,000 SF
Public/Institutional165,000 SF
Elementary School720 Students, Min. 20 Acres
Residential2,950 units
Storm-water and LakesEst. 400 acres
Open Space450 acres


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