Doing Business in Florida

Entrepreneur Friendly

In Florida, business and government leaders work together to create an environment in which business and industry may thrive. It is an environment that is particularly friendly for entrepreneurs.

An Affordable Cost of Doing Business

In Florida, land and construction costs are reasonable, taxes are stable, and a wide variety of incentives are available to new and expanding businesses. Property, high-tech talent, and the cost of doing business are more affordable in Florida than in most states including California, Massachusetts, or Minnesota.

The Florida Lifestyle

In addition to these attributes, the lifestyle in Florida is the envy of the world. It is a state of exceptional beauty including environmentally significant lands, magnificent beaches, and a rich history. Housing is affordable in Florida and there is no state income tax.

Florida Accolades

  • Florida’s economy is the eighth largest in the Western Hemisphere
  • Florida’s economy is the 21st largest in the world
  • Florida's population is the 4th largest in the nation
  • Florida ranks 1st for infrastructure (National Chamber Foundation)
  • Florida ranks 2nd as best state for business (Chief Executive)
  • Florida ranks 2nd as best business climate (Business Facilities)                                                                                   
  • Florida ranks 2nd for access to capital and funding (Area Development)
  • Top 5 business environment (Area Development)
  • Top 5 business tax climate (Tax Foundation, Business Facilities)
  • Top 5 small business and entrepreneur-friendly policies (SBE Council)
  • Florida has targeted industry incentives including sales and use tax exemptions, tax credits and refunds for capital investment, R&D, and job creation