The Operations Division is the core law enforcement arm of the Department which supports the growing community and the increased demands for public safety. The Division is responsible for routine patrol services, traffic safety enforcement, forensic science support and criminal investigations.

Operations Captain 

Captain DW Smith started his career with the Ormond Beach Police Department in 1989 as a Police Explorer and was hired as a Community Service Officer in 1996, becoming a Police Officer two years later.  
Captain Smith has since served and supervised within nearly every unit the department has to offer to include Communications, Outreach, Patrol Division, Training Unit, Criminal Investigations Unit, Traffic / Motor Unit, and the Crime Suppression Team.  He is certified by FDLE as an instructor of statewide police curriculum, and is also one of the Department’s firearms instructors. 
In 2013, Captain Smith graduated in the Top 5 of the 66th class of the University of Louisville Southern Police Institute’s Command Officer Development Course. He also obtained an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice in 2018. 

 Traffic Unit

In virtually any city, traffic is the subject of most citizens' concerns and complaints. Ormond Beach is no exception. The Traffic Unit is a specialized unit that addresses one of the biggest complaints in our city. 

The Ormond Beach Police Department Traffic Unit consists of five police motorcycle officers, supervised by Sergeant John Borzner. All officers assigned to the Traffic Unit are certified police motorcycle operators, radar and laser speed measurement device operators and traffic homicide investigators. Some of these officers also maintain instructor certifications in those same areas of expertise. 


The Patrol Division is the foundation of the Police Department, frequently the first to respond to any type of call for service while taking proactive measures to deter crime in the community. They respond to well over 56,000 calls for assistance each year by thirty nine patrol officers.

Over the years the Department has had several drug detecting K9 units. There are two patrol K9s that work in the narcotics department with their handlers - Officer Justin Hyatt and his K9 Klaus, and Officer Austin Long and his K9 Argo. K9's and their handlers occasionally assist in education through Outreach Programs such as DARE. 

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is the investigative arm of the Ormond Beach Police Department. Staff consists of a detective sergeant, six detectives, one undercover detective, a victim advocate, and a crime analyst.

Property and Evidence

Property and evidence is staffed by two personnel: Crime Scene Investigator and Evidence Technician. They are responsible for the receipt and maintenance of any property submitted that has evidentiary value. They assist the patrol division by providing information that helps to support an arrest,; receive and submit evidence for analysis for criminal cases, and catalog incoming evidence that may be necessary during an investigation or trial.

Personal property cleared for release can be picked up by contacting the Evidence Technician at 386-676-3537 to set up an appointment Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Any releaseable unclaimed property of value is placed on propertyroom.com at the end of a ninety day holding period. 

Bicycle Patrol

Prior to the invention of the automobile, most law enforcement agencies conducted patrol on foot, horseback or bicycle. The contact and the communication with the public was at an all-time high and subsequently crime was at an all-time low. As technology progressed, police officers were taken off the bicycles and put into cars that could respond to calls for service in larger areas. Now police officers are volunteering to ride the bicycles to get back in touch with the communities. 

Officers on bicycles are easier to approach than officers in cars and they can get to areas that are restricted to vehicles. Bicycle patrols are used for numerous events and are widely seen during the City’s annual Holiday Parade and Independence Day Celebration. The Ormond Beach Police Department also deploys bicycle patrols where there are recent spikes in criminal activity. Bicycles are stealthier than vehicles and can be used to approach people while in the commission of a crime without being immediately noticed.

Currently the Ormond Beach Police Department has six (6) Police Mountain bicycles that were purchased with the help of money donated by the Citizens Police Academy. The bicycles were purchased from a local bicycle shop next to the Police Station (The Bike Shop) and came with a lifetime maintenance plan. To become a bicycle officer, officers volunteer to attend a 16 hour Police Mountain Bicycle Operators course that is taught at the Police Department. Corporal Mike Pavelka instructs the class and he is a certified bicycle instructor with the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA).