Wastewater Collections Program


The City’s wastewater collection system section is responsible for maintaining reliable operating characteristics throughout the City’s wastewater customer service area for:
  • 182 miles of gravity sewer
  • 54 miles of force mains
  • 24 miles of reuse water mains
  • 23 miles of low-pressure sewer mains
The Wastewater Collections program services and maintains over 1,600 Pretreatment Effluent Pumping (PEP) systems serving the sewer needs at the Hunter’s Ridge and Breakaway Trails development areas.

Customer Assistance

This program also responds to customer requests for assistance in the event of a sewer backup or reuse irrigation service interruption.

Protect Your Plumbing & Sewer Systems

Your plumbing and sewer systems are sensitive to receiving items intended to be disposed of in your household trash. Additionally, unwanted medications are not processed by the Wastewater Treatment Plant, therefore are passed through to the effluent water. Please see the attached brochure to learn the proper ways to dispose of unwanted medications, cooking oil, grease and other household goods.