Water Distribution Program


The City’s water distribution section is responsible for maintaining the reliable distribution and delivery of water to service accounts (in excess of 23,000) contained within the City’s customer service area in accordance with Florida Department of Heath (DOH) distribution system operation regulatory standards. 

Water Demand & Fire Protection

Customer water demand and system-wide fire protection is accomplished by maintaining various components of the distribution system, to include approximately 200 miles of piping of varying type and size, 1,400 fire hydrants, and thousands of valves.

Water Conservation

For Water Conservation information, please see the St. Johns River Water Management Districts's website.

System Maintenance & Administration

This section is responsible for:
  • Performing all residential and commercial water meter installation, large meter testing, and valve and fire hydrant maintenance
  • Handling the administration and performance of the City’s Cross Connection Control Program per City Ordinance Section 22-12 and in accordance with DOH standards
  • Developing a leak detection program and performing its necessary functions
  • Responding to all customer requests for assistance and handling any repairs necessary to maintain the system