Water Production Program


The City’s water production section is responsible for providing a reliable source for safe drinking water to over 50,000 service area customers that meet or exceed all pertinent regulatory standards as monitored by the Florida Department of Health (DOH). 

Water Treatment Facility

Competent State-licensed operators monitor and perform the operation of the City’s 12 million gallon per day (MGD) Water Treatment Facility. The current system-wide customer demand requires a treated or finished water daily delivery rate averaging approximately six MGD, with minor seasonal variations. 

Well Fields

This section is also responsible for the compliant operation of four water supply well fields (32 wells) serving the source water needs for the City. The well field operations are also performed in conformance with DOH regulations in addition to St. John’s River Water Management District consumptive use rule conditions. 

Operation & Equipment Management

The water production section performs all operation and equipment maintenance functions related to the water supply, treatment, and delivery systems. In-plant and system-wide sampling and reporting is continuously performed to ensure the system operates within regulated standards. 

In addition to the plant and well facilities, the section also is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two elevated water storage tanks, two ground level storage tanks, and six distribution booster pumping stations.