Solid Waste, Recycling & Yard Waste Collections

Solid Waste

Through an exclusive franchise with a private contractor, the Collection and Disposal program provides for curbside collection of residential solid waste twice per week and yard waste once per week. The contractor also collects solid waste from all commercial businesses a minimum of three days per week to a maximum of seven days per week. 

The contractor disposes of all solid waste at the Volusia County Solid Waste Facility at a current disposal rate of $34 per ton. Residential customers pay a monthly fee of $16.67 to cover the costs of collection and disposal. Commercial customers are charged $8.23 per cubic yard of solid waste disposed via two, four, six, and eight cubic yard containers. 


The Recycling program provides curbside collection of 9 different recyclable products for all residential customers on a once-per-week basis through a private contractor. The program was initiated on a citywide basis in 1991 to meet the requirements of the 1988 Solid Waste Management Act, which requires cities and counties in the State of Florida to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed at landfills by 30%. Approximately 4,000 tons of recyclable materials are collected annually. 

In addition, the program provides educational classes and materials through publications, trade shows, and in-school presentations. 

Yard Waste

Yard waste collection is provided to residents on Wednesdays. Please note that this service is for yard debris generated by residents only. Per City Ordinance Section 10-65, any yard waste generated by a contractor (this includes a lawn service, tree trimmer, yardman, tree surgeon, etc.) must be removed by the contractor who generated the debris at their own expense. For further information, please see the Compliance Guide.