Lightning Detection System


Strike Guard: Lightning Detection and Warning System

Lightning, a powerful force of nature, remains an unpredictable and potentially life-threatening phenomenon.

To provide additional safety to the public, an early-warning lightning detection and warning system called Strike Guard is installed at the following locations:

The Strike Guard warning system detects and tracks lightning strikes and provides a warning within a 20-mile radius. When lightning strikes are detected within a zone, Strike Guard will provide a warning with a 15-second siren and flashing strobe light. After conditions are determined safe, the siren will sound three, 5-second blasts and the strobe light will turn off, indicating it is safe to resume outdoor activity. These alarm tones are distinctly different from any current public alarm tones.

To minimize the potential for lightning-related injuries, it is recommended that when the warning system is activated the park sites affected be cleared and activities not be resumed until the all-clear signal is given. Park patrons are urged to always be vigilant in monitoring threatening weather and err on the side of caution.

When the 15-second siren is heard, it is recommended that park patrons and staff immediately seek shelter in their vehicles. If such shelter is unavailable, patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscapes, not use a tree for shelter, and keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf carts, umbrellas, etc.

If it is the opinion of the Park staff, teacher, coach, referee, or the general public that the weather situation is not safe, do not wait for horns to activate – CLEAR THE AREA! Take shelter in your vehicles anytime lightning is seen, or thunder is heard.

Although we regret interrupting your selected activities, our primary concern is the safety of our park patrons. Thank you for your cooperation and support! 

For lightning safety tips, please visit the National Weather Service Website. For questions or concerns regarding the lightning detection system, please contact Ormond Beach Leisure Services at (386) 676-3250.