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Unlock Success in Ormond Beach: A Wealth of Resources for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re at the inception stage of your business venture or eyeing substantial expansion in Ormond Beach, Florida, you’ve landed in the ideal spot to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 

Ormond Beach boasts an array of invaluable resources meticulously designed to empower and uplift entrepreneurs and small business proprietors. Here, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the treasure trove of resources at your disposal, unveiling the keys to unlocking your business’s potential.

SizeUp Ormond Beach is Your Strategic Growth Partner

Diving headfirst into the Ormond Beach business landscape? Don’t do it without SizeUp Ormond Beach, your compass for business intelligence, market data, and strategic insights. This comprehensive platform is meticulously engineered to cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes, making it equally indispensable for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.

With SizeUp OrmondBeach, you can explore answers to pivotal questions that often linger in the minds of entrepreneurs:

  • Where is the optimum location to establish my business in Ormond Beach?
  • Who are my competitors, and how do I stack up against them?
  • How can I reel in more customers to my business?
  • Where are the prime spots to promote my business, ensuring maximum visibility and reach?

Moreover, don’t overlook the golden opportunity presented by SizeUp Ormond Beach’s quarterly sessions. Each session is a gateway to enhancing your understanding of the platform, expanding your reach, and mastering its application in real-world scenarios. Additionally, these sessions are your direct line to clarity, where questions find well-rounded answers.

Ormond Beach Kauffman FastTrac: Nurturing Ideas into Thriving Businesses

Imagine transforming your visionary business ideas into a well-structured, executable plan. In collaboration with Volusia/Flagler SCORE, Ormond Beach Economic Development presents the StartUp & Grow FastTrac program.

Under the guidance of Certified Business Mentors, this program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to craft a comprehensive business plan, create a brand identity and a marketing strategy, and identify funding sources while connecting and networking with fellow entrepreneurs. Starting a new venture, building a new product, and scaling a business can be fun, exhilarating, and demanding. That is why Ormond Beach is dedicated to supporting the small business community through this program. 

Local and Regional Ecosystem Helps Ignite Your Expansion

The Economic Development Department is constantly working to link and leverage networks to help businesses succeed. For businesses operating in Ormond Beach or looking to locate in Ormond Beach, the Economic Development Department can help your business with site selection, market research, and data, foster business connections, and, depending on your business type and industry, help you navigate a range of incentives, both at the state and local levels

The City Economic Development Department, in collaboration with the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce, publishes “Doing Business in Ormond Beach.” This guide answers many frequently asked questions a business may have and guides them to appropriate contacts, resources, and organizations locally and regionally.

Volusia Business Resources (VBR) is where entrepreneurs and business owners find resources to overcome today’s challenges, and community stakeholders join together to shape solutions to meet tomorrow’s business needs. Explore VBR to learn about the tools, programs, organizations, and resources within your reach right here in Volusia County. 

Ormond Beach is a Booming Hub for Entrepreneurs

Your entrepreneurial journey begins in Ormond Beach, and with these resources, the path to success has never been more straightforward. Start now and watch your business thrive in this entrepreneurial haven.

The resources at your disposal here are designed to make your journey smoother and your dreams more achievable. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, these tools and organizations are dedicated to supporting you at every turn. 

Contact the Ormond Beach Economic Development Department today for more information and personalized assistance. Let our expert team assist you in accessing the extensive resources available within the City and throughout Volusia County. 

Unlocking Ormond Beach, Florida’s Skilled and Educated Workforce for Your Business

When businesses seek a location for growth and expansion, a key factor is the availability of a skilled and educated workforce. Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a pristine coastal environment and a thriving community and boasts a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce that’s readily accessible to companies.

Nurturing Skills for an Educated Workforce

Ormond Beach is home to some of the finest public and private schools in Volusia County. Many of these schools have earned the coveted “A” rating from the State of Florida. These local schools provide rigorous instruction and are committed to helping students achieve their fullest potential. Additionally, Ormond Beach offers several private schools as an alternative to the public school system, ensuring residents have diverse educational options.

The greater region offers access to many educational opportunities as well. Volusia County School District has 44 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, 10 high schools, several alternative schools, charter schools, and Volusia Online Learning. Instruction ranges from accelerated courses to career and technical programs and career academies. 


Colleges and Universities Near Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is not only dedicated to K-12 education but is also served by several colleges and universities within Volusia County. These institutions, including Daytona State College, Bethune-Cookman University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, provide higher education opportunities to develop the workforce further and cater to various career paths.

The Advanced Technology Center, a joint venture of Daytona State College, Volusia County Schools, Flagler County Schools, and the business community, also serves the region. This center offers specialized programs in emerging technologies, including engineering, computer science, advanced manufacturing, and more. With state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology, it equips students with the skills needed to excel in today’s job market.

Ormond Beach, Florida, offers businesses an incredible advantage in accessing a highly skilled and educated workforce. The city’s commitment to quality education, innovative learning opportunities, and abundant nearby colleges and universities make it an ideal location for companies seeking to thrive in a competitive market. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand or an individual seeking career growth, Ormond Beach has the resources and talent to fulfill your aspirations.


Diverse Workforce at Your Fingertips

Florida is home to a diverse workforce, with a significant concentration of individuals aged 25 to 54 holding high school diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, or higher qualifications. This highly educated and skilled workforce is expected to grow, creating a talent pool for companies looking to establish or expand their operations in the Sunshine State.

Ormond Beach and the surrounding region have skilled employees in manufacturing, professional services, sales, and service occupations. Employers can confidently pull from a large and talented labor force that includes the Deltona-Daytona-Ormond MSA and the surrounding six counties of the Space Coast Region. The Ormond Beach Economic Development Data Dashboard is a    go-to resource for key demographic, workforce, and economic data for Ormond Beach and the region. 

With a diverse range of educational backgrounds, Florida’s workforce is well-prepared to meet the demands of various industries, making it an ideal destination for businesses.

Ormond Beach’s Workforce is Your Source for Quality Workers

Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a highly skilled and educated workforce for businesses seeking to attract top talent. With an exceptional quality of life, strategic location, and a commitment to business success, Ormond Beach is your gateway to a prosperous future.

Contact the Ormond Beach Economic Development Department today for more information and personalized assistance.

Ormond Beach Economic Development Gives Companies a Competitive Advantage

Ormond Beach, Florida, is more than just a city in Central Florida; it’s where business dreams come to life and opportunities flourish. Ormond Beach provides an optimal environment for businesses to grow, thrive, and prosper. 

Your company has the potential to take advantage of unique location advantages that make Ormond Beach, Florida, a preferred business destination. Our city offers diverse business incentives and invaluable resources to ensure your entrepreneurial journey’s success.

Ormond Beach Economic Development Gives Companies a Competitive Advantage

Ormond Beach, Florida, is more than just a city in Central Florida; it’s where business dreams come to life and opportunities flourish. Ormond Beach provides an optimal environment for businesses to grow, thrive, and prosper. 

Your company has the potential to take advantage of unique location advantages that make Ormond Beach, Florida, a preferred business destination. Our city offers diverse business incentives and invaluable resources to ensure your entrepreneurial journey’s success.

The City of Ormond Beach’s Economic Development Department is your partner in achieving business success. We offer a range of services to facilitate your business endeavors, including:

  • Confidential project management to guide you through every stage of your business expansion or relocation.

  • Site selection assistance.

  • Current market research and data to help make informed decisions about your business strategy.

  • Business connections with local networks, partners, and resources. 

  • Assistance accessing economic incentive opportunities.

“As the Economic Development Director of Ormond Beach, I firmly believe that our city’s best advantage for companies lies in the fact that our community leaders actively foster a pro-business environment,” said Director Brian Rademacher. “We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and corporations and are dedicated to creating the ideal conditions for your company to flourish. Our department strives to ensure a smooth and successful transition for companies looking to expand or relocate in Ormond Beach.”


What Makes Ormond Beach, Florida, Special?

Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a comprehensive package of advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs. The city’s economic development strategy focuses on supporting the retention and expansion of target industry, the recruitment of jobs and capital investment as well as corridor revitalization. This sets the stage to offer a suite of services to all business types - from major employers to budding entrepreneurs. This thriving Florida city creates an environment where businesses achieve success and individuals thrive.

Pro-business City Government

One of the key factors contributing to Ormond Beach’s appeal is its pro-business city government. Local leaders in Ormond Beach deeply understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs and corporations. They are committed to fostering a business-friendly environment that facilitates growth and success. When you set up your business here, you can count on a government that is responsive and supportive, helping to streamline regulatory processes and remove unnecessary obstacles.

Strong and Robust Labor Force

In Ormond Beach, your business will have access to a solid and skilled labor force. Not only can you tap into the local talent pool, but you also have the advantage of drawing from neighboring cities and the region. This large laborshed is available to contribute its expertise to your company’s growth, ensuring that you have access to the skilled workforce you need to succeed. 

Expansive Transportation Infrastructure

The City of Ormond Beach is located near the crossroads of Central Florida’s High Tech Corridor, Interstate 95, and Interstate 4. The City has a municipal airport and is also served by Daytona Beach International Airport, which makes national and international business travel connections convenient and easy. Deepwater ports in Jacksonville and Port Canaveral are convenient for businesses shipping and receiving products globally. 

Ormond Beach’s strategic geographical location on Florida’s eastern coast allows businesses to efficiently import and export goods, expand their customer base, and engage in global trade, all while benefiting from a convenient transportation network.

Resourceful Workforce Training Opportunities

The region’s efficient workforce training programs and educational institutions ensure your employees retain top-notch skills and remain competitive in their respective fields. This commitment to ongoing education and skill development will empower your workforce to adapt to evolving industry trends and contribute significantly to your business’s success.

Ormond Beach Department of Economic Development is Your Greatest Ally For Business Growth

Ormond Beach, Florida, offers a competitive edge for businesses seeking growth, prosperity, and a supportive community. With an exceptional quality of life, strategic location, and a commitment to business success, Ormond Beach is your gateway to a prosperous future.

Contact the Ormond Beach Economic Development Department today for more information and personalized assistance.

golden shovels ready for groundbreaking

Command Medical’s Strategic Advantage in Ormond Beach, Florida: High-Quality Contract Manufacturing with Top Talent in a Supportive Location

The City of Ormond Beach, Florida, offers Command Medical and other life sciences companies competitive wages rates that give the companies an advantage over other industry competitors in the Northern and Western parts of the nation. “The location of Ormond Beach has the advantage of pulling talent resources from several populous adjacent towns to fill various positions within our organization,” said President & Chief Operating Officer Jim Carnall. “With operations in Ormond Beach, we can produce high-quality products at competitive prices that help our employees and team members earn a healthy living.”

Command Medical’s core contract manufacturing capabilities include cleanroom manufacturing, tube extrusion, Radio Frequency Welding (RF), assembly, and packaging. Its approach can assist in meeting a company's cost reduction targets, product development cycle, and ultimately its client’s bottom line. 

With every project, Command Medical Products strives to achieve the perfect balance of quality, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness to the maximum benefit of our customers. “We are positioned to accommodate high-volume manufacturing through automated processes and facilitate and fast-track low-volume clinical trials and product launches,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Stephanie McGee.

Command Medical Headquarters in Ormond Beach

Command Medical Building

Competitive Wages. Access to Skilled Talent. Central Location.

Like many businesses in Central Florida, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many business operations affecting workforce needs, attracting and retaining talent. “We’ve stabilized since the onset of the pandemic and have been in an excellent position for a while now. We took a step back and reassessed what kind of wages we were paying for some entry-level positions to attract and retain the talent needed to support the company’s demands and all of our order requests,” noted McGee.

Ormond Beach has access to top talent from an educated workforce that can meet the needs of advanced manufacturing and life sciences companies like Command Medical. With the nearby schools of Embry-Riddle University, Daytona State College and their Advanced Technical College (ATC), Bethune-Common University, and Seminole State College, companies like Command Medical have access to potential workers that can stay in Florida. 

“We believe that there is a huge untapped potential for the labor market by accessing the surrounding colleges and universities to attract and retain top talent for our company and industry. By being able to recruit talent from these universities and leveraging our location, it is something we are looking to take advantage of in the future, being located in Ormond Beach,” stated McGee.

command medical

Life Science Industry’s Decades-Long Commitment to Ormond Beach, Florida

“Operating in Ormond Beach has been an extraordinary place to operate our business. Our management team has had a very supportive and collaborative relationship with the City of Ormond Beach and the county of Volusia municipalities,” noted Carnall. “Command Medical has also benefited from a partnership with the Volusia Manufacturing Organization. We have brought city representation to meet with our large-scale clients to discuss business expansion grants and other benefits available to us as business owners in this community.” 

“We’re pleased to be doing that from Ormond Beach, Florida. You know, we have a solid commitment to the area and a commitment to the community. And we’re just glad we could do that for over 30 years, which we will continue to do long into the future,” explained Carnall. 

Other life science companies like GermFree have been harnessing over 60 years of experience, providing end-to-end solutions for the next generation of pharmacy, biocontainment, and biopharma cleanroom technologies in the 173,000-square-foot US manufacturing plant based in Ormond Beach. “Ormond Beach has benefited from economic growth in recent years, and that growth trajectory is strong,” said Economic Development Director Brian Rademacher. 

Why Are Businesses Choosing Ormond Beach, Florida, for their Headquarters?

CO2Meter opened its new all-in-one headquarter facility in Ormond Beach after years of expansion and multiple buildings. With numerous decentralized locations affecting their business operations, this new facility brings everything under one roof. The new facility in the Airport Business Park consolidates the assembly, R&D, Quality Control, and software/engineering departments to maximize efficiency for their business partners. 

Started in Michigan in 2006, the business has grown to have 22 employees and a state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility that keeps all personnel and processes in one location. 

After developing the initial CO2 monitor, the company has grown by adding partners like Chipotle, Delta Airlines, Panda Express, Heineken USA., and more. CO2Meter is committed to serving its customers in various industries like restaurants and food, breweries, and wineries, indoor agriculture and livestock, cold storage and cryogenics, scientific and medical, welding and gas distribution, and industrial safety. 

CO2Meter new headquarters in the Ormond Beach Business Park

Exterior image of CO2Meter new facility in the Airport Business Park

Why Ormond Beach?

After purchasing CO2Meter in 2019, Travis and Nicole Lenander began evaluating the company’s long-term strategy, including its geographic location. “After extensive internal discussions about the need to build a centralized facility to bring all the sections of our business together, we started to explore the best location,” said CEO Travis Lenander. 

“During our site selection process, we discussed Ormond Beach options with Brian Rademacher, the Economic Development Director, that we were considering other areas as well but would like to stay in Ormond Beach,” said CEO Travis Lenander. “With the help of economic growth incentives, we were convinced that Ormond Beach was the right place for our business long-term.”

“For us, the help Brian provided had a lot to do with the location of Ormond Beach,” said Executive Vice President Josh Pringle. “We chose to stay in Ormond Beach because it’s easy to get to and provides the lifestyle our employees wanted. Our primary reason for choosing Ormond Beach was the quality of life and the proximity to a high-quality workforce."

ABP 600x900

Future Plans for CO2Meter

During the planning and construction of their Ormond Beach facility, CO2Meter built more space than needed. “When people visit the facility for the first time, many people remark about the beautiful design of the facility and our ability to expand in the future,” noted Lenander. “We designed the space for our needs 5-10 years from now. We want to grow into our space, not out of our space.”

As CO2Meter continues to expand, advance its product portfolio, and increase its capabilities, they are targeting long-term opportunities with new corporate clients. “We all have high expectations for CO2Meter in the future,” explained Pringle. “We design and manufacture more than 250 different devices. Our skill is talking to customers in different industries and finding innovative ways to help create products that serve their needs.”

Construction of 105 Runway Drive in the Ormond Beach Business Park

CO2 Meter Building under construction

A Strong Partner in Ormond Beach

CO2Meter is not alone in choosing Ormond Beach, Florida, to be home to its headquarters. For example, Florida’s largest homeowners’ insurance company built a new 130,000-square-foot headquarters in Ormond Crossing. Security First Insurance serves hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

“For future developers and site selectors, I honestly believe that once you have figured out your criteria set for what you want your business to be and what your employees can do for you and enjoy living in an area—Ormond Beach is the place for you,” said EVP Josh Pringle. “If a site selector doesn’t have Ormond Beach on their list, then it should go to the top of their list. If they have already looked at Ormond Beach, then I don’t feel they would have any reason not to make it their final choice.”

Aviation Manufacturer Super Petrel USA, Inc. Takes Flight in Ormond Beach

Since opening in January 2016, Super Petrel USA, Inc.’s new Aircraft Sales, Re-Assembly, and Parts Distribution Center at Ormond Beach Airport, (KOMN) Florida, has become the largest distributor of the Scoda Aeronautica-produced Super Petrel LS Aircraft worldwide 

In 2002, the Brazilian company Scoda Aeronautica produced its first Petrel LS 100 and has continued to manufacture the airplane for over 20 years. After the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) visited the Scoda Aeronautica factory in Ipeuna, Brazil, the aircraft received FAA approval under the S-LSA category as a Light Sport Aircraft. Today, more than 50 Super Petrel LS Aircraft are registered in the USA and over 400 worldwide. 

Setting Up Base of Operations in Ormond Beach, FL

The team from Scoda knew that Florida was where they wanted to establish a base to distribute the Super Petrel in the United States. That part was easy. Where in Florida was the more difficult task, said President of Super Petrel USA, Inc Roger Helton. We explored locations like DeLand, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, and Port Orange before deciding on Ormond Beach. Ormond Beach was ideally situated for our needs. We were accepted by the City of Ormond Beach community, which has become a solid relationship with support and interest in helping us grow. 

Our airplane can access remote lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that other airplanes cannot reach, which makes the Super Petrel unique, said Roger Helton. The business start-up was slow at first. We did not sell a single aircraft for the first two years. Then one day, we sold one, then a second one. We knew that once people became aware of the Super Petrel, then came to Ormond Beach for a demonstration flight, they would want to buy our airplanes. 

In the seven years Super Petrel USA, Inc has been operating in Ormond Beach, Florida, they have sold 50 planes. In 2022, they sold a record 22 planes, up 275% from 2021. As of April 2023, they have sold 12 of their new and improved XP Series aircraft, which means all available positions are sold into early spring of 2024. 

Scoda Aeronautica has now converted entirely to the new Super Petrel XP aircraft design, and production has begun. We will receive six new XPs this year and 12-14 in 2024. Our goal is to receive two new aircraft every month by 2025.


SuperPetrel XP2023

Ormond Beach, Florida, Is Where Super Petrel USA, Inc. Calls Home

“Ormond Beach, Florida, has been an excellent partner,” said President Roger Helton. “We host economic development events at our hangar with about 45-50 people from all backgrounds and share our Ormond Beach success story with them. At our next fall presentation, we will have the new XP aircraft on display and available just in time for demonstration flights.” 

Near-term plans for Super Petrel USA include a pilot refresher course for owners and operators. The course will consist of Maintenance and Flight ground schools and flight refresher training with the Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA) pilots. Additionally, the company will continue to attend the Riverfest Seafood Festival and demonstrate their new XP aircraft and its capabilities to attendees.

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport Has The Space And Infrastructure For Growing Businesses

The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (KOMN) has supported Super Petrel USA, Inc with a storage hangar, office, and access to the maintenance and support of Ormond Aircraft Brokers. The airport supports flight training and steadily growing business activity with over 100 acres available for aerospace, aeronautical, and related services, including manufacturing, avionics, and commercial space activity. 

The region and state have a rich supply chain and skilled workforce to support the industry. The area is supported by organizations like Space Florida and the world’s leading aviation and aerospace university Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Contact Brian Rademacher, Economic Development Director, for more information on how your business can experience success like Super Petrel USA, Inc in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport

Image of Southeast quad of airport.

Ormond Beach is East Central Florida's Preferred Address for your Lifestyle.

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Ormond Beach located in east central Florida on the Atlantic Ocean in Volusia County. The City’s central location, mild climate, and warm hospitality makes it a fantastic vacation destination and place to call home. Small-town beach vibes permeate the city while providing a first-class environment for families to live, work and play.  

In Ormond Beach you will find a spectacular beach with sparkling ocean water and room to play, stroll, or just relax in the sun. The city’s Andy Romano Beachfront Park provides beach access, playground and splash pads and places to picnic with ocean views. 

sun rising over the beach in Ormond Beach Florida
a picture of ormond beach

The area's natural beauty is home to many city and state parks. With over 295 acres of park space, multiple playgrounds and sports complexes, living in Ormond Beach provides opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. These beautiful parks are perfect for hiking, boating, or even just meeting friends in the park. Ormond Beach’s Central Park has almost 150 acres and five lakes connected for residents and visitors to kayak, fish, and learn about Florida’s diverse ecosystem at the city’s Environmental Discovery Center. 

You'll also find shady canopies of vintage oaks that you can drive or bicycle through. The Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail is a 30-mile roadway that leads you along the Atlantic coast through three state parks and several county and city parks. Perfect for avid cyclists looking for a long ride or hikers looking for the off-beaten path can access multiple hiking trails through forests along the scenic and serene Halifax and Tomoka Rivers.  

Halifax Tomoka RIver
the road on the loop

Location, Location, Location

Ormond Beach provides the perfect hub for all your travel needs. Located along Interstate 95 and Interstate 4, you can travel to a variety of fun and exciting experiences. Daytona Beach, just south of Ormond Beach, leads you to the thrills of NASCAR Racing and seasonal concert performances. A drive down I-4 will whisk you away to Orlando, the epicenter of theme parks from the Magic Kingdom, Sea World, to Universal. A scenic drive along historic A1A will take you back in time to St. Augustine, Florida’s oldest City, or head south one hour to visit the future of space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. And you can easily drive coast to coast with Tampa Bay accessible in under 3 hours. If your travels are for business, Daytona Beach International Airport and the Interstate system makes access to national and international connections easy. 

Family Friendly

With a population of just over 43,000, Ormond Beach is a family-friendly city. The Ormond Beach Historic District stretches from the Atlantic Ocean west along Granada Boulevard, lined with local restaurants and shops. Access to diverse arts, culture, and history affords a treasure of opportunity. You can tour The Casements, which was the former winter home of John D. Rockefeller or visit the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, which inspires the community through art and nature, offering activities and programs for people of all ages.  Local art galleries and art events take place all year long. Sports and extracurricular activities abound at the city's recreational facilities, which host professional, national, regional, college and high school competitive and recreational events.

time at the park
photo of the exterior of the ormond art museum

Great Place to Call Home

When you’ve experienced all the area has to offer and settled in, you will discover there are even more advantages to calling Ormond Beach home. The city is home to many of the finest public and private schools This includes schools serving grades kindergarten through high school. Several Ormond Beach schools have earned the State of Florida “A” Rating, and three have been honored as Florida Blue Ribbon Schools. Volusia County has exceptional medical facilities and hospitals across the county and nationally recognized facilities in nearby Jacksonville and Orlando. The city and region has a diverse and growing economy with a strong labor force and opportunity to grow professionally or expand your business. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Ormond Beach is a coastal community located in one of the fastest growing areas of Florida yet retains its small city charm.  Ormond Beach is vibrant, active, and offers a remarkable quality of life and a healthy business climate. Whether you are visiting or moving in, discover why Ormond Beach is the perfect address for your lifestyle.