Ormond Beach Holdings, LLC


A. Small Scale Land Use Map Amendment:

264 South Atlantic Avenue, 225 Magnolia Avenue, and 300 South Atlantic Avenue to amend the Future Land Use Map designation of 4.24 acres from "Public Institutional" to "Low Intensity Commercial" (0.76) for a remote parking lot for the hotel and "Low Density Residential" to allow 15 single-family residential lots.

Approved Ordinance - 2023-03

B. Planned Business Development:

251 South Atlantic Avenue and portion of 264 South Atlantic Avenue for a five-story, 95,700 square foot hotel with 137 rooms, associated driveways, parking (108 spaces east of SRA1A and 62 spaces west of SRA1A) stormwater, utilities, signage, lighting, landscaping, public sidewalk and ADA beach access, and hotel related beach access.  This is a zoning map amendment from B-6 (Oceanfront Commercial) and B-7 (Highway Tourist Commercial) to Planned Business Development (PBD).  

Submittal of site plan: March 9, 2022 (1st), May 30, 2022 (2nd), August 19, 2022 (3rd), August 24, 2023 (4th), January 24, 2023 (5th)
Submittal of Planned Development amendment: May 30, 2022
Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) review: April 4, 2022 (1st) June 13, 2022 (2nd), September 6, 2022
August 22, 2022 (3rd), September 7, 2022 (4th), January 31, 2023 (5th)
Neighborhood meeting. Required.  September 14, 2022
Planning Board: Required. December 5, 2022
City Commission (1st reading): Required. January 10, 2023
City Commission (2nd reading): Required. January 24, 2023

Approved Ordinance - 2023-04 (zoning map amendment) and 2023-05 (development order)

Additional documents submitted January 24, 2023

Site plan submittal
22-018(B) Community Information Meeting Summary Package
22-018(B) Project Narrative-Waiver List - PBD

Information submitted August 19, 2022
Site Plan submittal, August 23, 2022


Transmittal Letter 08-19-22
Architectural Floorplans and Elevations
Stormwater Calculations
Dimension Plan
Water and Sewer Demand Calculations

Site plan submittal, May 30, 2022

Documents, May 30, 2022

Ormond Marriott PBD Rezoning Initial Application Package 5.5.22
Ormond Marriott PD Application
Ormond Marriott PD Authorizations of Owners
Ormond Marriott PD Beach Assessment Report
Ormond Marriott PD Conceptual Architectural Renderings
Ormond Marriott PD Cover Letter
Ormond Marriott PD Deeds
Ormond Marriott PD Environmental Report
Ormond Marriott PD Hurricane Evacuation Time Evaluation
Ormond Marriott PD Project Narrative
Ormond Marriott PD RTIA
Ormond Marriott PD Setback Exhibit

Site plan submittal, March 9, 2022

Transmittal Letter
Site Plan Review Application
Letters of Authorization
Trip Generation Analysis
Warranty Deeds
Volusia County Property Appraisers Report
Permit Summary 
Stormwater Calculations

C. Tides Edge:

Fifteen single-family lots on the west side of South Atlantic Avenue.

Approved Resolution 2023-46

D. Tides Edge Zoning Map Amendment:

Amend existing zoning district designations from B-1, Professional Office/Hospital to R-3, Single-Family Medium Density.  The subject property totals approximately 1.70 acres and includes a portion of 264 South Atlantic Avenue (approximately 0.80 acres), a portion of 225 Magnolia Avenue (approximately 0.19 acres) and a portion of 300 South Atlantic Avenue (approximately 0.71 acres).

Preliminary Plat approved 03.27.2023