Tomoka Reserve


Pre-application meeting: January 5, 2022.

• Submittal of site plan: April 13, 2022.

• Submittal of Planned Development amendment: April 13, 2022.

                  * 05.03.2022, Request for additional information, SPRC comments - Tomoka Reserve

                  * 05.03.2022, Correspondence received during 1st SPRC review

• Neighborhood meeting: Required. To be determined.

• Planning Board: Required. To be determined.

• City Commission (1st reading): Required. To be determined.

• City Commission (2nd reading): Required. To be determined.

**9/21/2022 update: A traffic impact analysis has been received by city staff and is available here.

**8/8/2022 update: A demolition application has been submitted and is under review for all structures associated with the former Tomoka Oaks golf course property.  Demolition permits are reviewed/issued/inspected by the city's Building Department. 

Traffic Methodology response submitted May 16, 2022

06.01.2022, Tomoka Oaks methodology approval letter.pdf

5361.04 Response to City Methodology Comments - finalized 5.16.22

5361.04 Response to Buckholz Methodology Comments - finalized 5.16.22

5361.02 Tomoka Oaks - TIA Methodology - Updated RTC

Information submitted April 13, 2022 (1st review):

Site Plan:

Tomoka Reserve PD Plans

Tomoka Reserve Survey


Tomoka Reserve PD Application

Tomoka Reserve PD Authorization

Tomoka Reserve PD BA_ESA Triumph Oaks

Tomoka Reserve PD Cover Letter

Tomoka Reserve PD Deed

Tomoka Reserve PD Narrative

PD Property Appraiser Card

Tomoka Reserve PD Sunbiz Information

Tomoka Reserve PD TIA Methodology - Submitted 03.01.22

Tomoka Reserve SPRC Site Plan Application