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Ormond Beach Preferred Business Address for your business and your lifestyle

Ormond Beach is known as Central Florida's Preferred Business Address for its remarkable quality of life and its healthy business climate.

For your business, Ormond Beach is located on Central Florida's magnificent east coast, at the crossroads of Central Florida's High Tech Corridor. Companies have located in Ormond Beach and make products known the world over for quality and reliability. These companies are able to compete in global markets with the support of a pro-business city government; a strong labor force; outstanding transportation; outstanding public and private schools; and great hospitals and medical facilities.

For your lifestyle, Ormond Beach is a coastal community located in one of the fastest growing areas of Florida. Home to approximately 43,000 residents Ormond Beach is a vibrant community -- a small town with big city flair and old-fashioned comfort. Ormond Beach is among the top beaches in the United States, according to TripAdvisor, which listed Ormond beach as number 12 of 25 best beaches.

Let the Economic Development Department help you identify the best place to locate your business. Staff can also provide you with the business intelligence and data you need to make an informed decision to help you familiarize yourself with Central Florida's Preferred Business Address. 

Airport and Business Park

Ormond Beach offers several light industrial and office parks. The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (KOMN) provides access to and from the City. There is also available land for aviation and non-aviation development. The Airport Business Park, adjacent to the Airport, is a popular address for diverse manufacturers, assembly, technology, back office, engineering, and more.  

Ormond Crossings

The Economic Development Department is working with local leaders on the planned Ormond Crossings regional business park and development in the area along norther US Highway 1 and I-95. Ormond Crossings, a master planned multi-faceted community promises to become a major commerce center and gateway of entry to the Daytona region. 

Labor Force and Employment Statistics 

To gain a better understanding of the City's current labor force and additional labor force statistics please visit: Labor Force and Employment Statistics | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website 

U.S. Census Bureau Data

To gather U.S. Census Bureau data regarding Ormond Beach please visit:  U.S. Census Data | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website