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Ormond Beach Preferred Business Address for your business and your lifestyle

Ormond Beach is Central Florida's Preferred Business Address for its remarkable quality of life and its healthy business climate. Dozens of companies headquartered in Ormond Beach produce products known the world over for quality and reliability. 

Ormond Beach offers economic development opportunities for all types of businesses as well as locations for businesses to grow and thrive. The City is known for the pro-business attitude of its City Commission, its quality business environment, and a collaborative partnership with regional partners to foster business development. 

Please contact the Economic Development Department to discuss your business opportunity or if you need additional information and guidance. 

Doing Business In Ormond Beach

Access the definitive guide to doing business in Ormond Beach, an essential component of Ormond Beach's economic development program in attracting, retaining, and expanding businesses in Ormond Beach as it assists individuals and business owners in identifying government: Doing Business in Ormond Beach | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website  

Doing Business In Volusia County

Ormond Beach is located in Volusia County. Whether you need to obtain your Volusia County Business Tax Receipt or contact the Volusia County Economic Development Department please visit the following sites: 

Doing Business In Florida

In Florida, business and government leaders work together to create an environment in which business and industry may thrive. There are many reasons why Florida is the logical choice for your business and lifestyle. Learn more why you should Do Business In Florida: Doing Business in Florida | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website  

SizeUp Ormond Beach

The Ormond Beach Economic Development Department is empowering local businesses through an innovative online service that is available and free providing powerful business intelligence and market data to help them do business here. You may access SizeUp Ormond Beach on our website on the following page: SizeUp Ormond Beach | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website  

Business Tax Receipts

If you are looking for specific information on how to obtain your Ormond Beach Business Tax Receipt please visit the following website: Business Tax Receipts | City of Ormond Beach, FL - Official Website