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Digital Signatures
The following requirement applies to all licensed design professional's signed and sealed drawings and associated technical documents:

The City of Ormond Beach has transitioned to digital signatures issued by a 3rd Party Certification Authority effective October 1, 2015.

All drawings and technical documents that need to be signed and sealed by a licensed design professional must be done so using a Digital Signature that contains a Public Key Certificate issued through a 3rd Party Certification Authority.  This "Authority" is a commercial service paid for by the design professional to verify their identity through various methods and then issues a security certificate that contains both a Private Key that is password protected by the design professional and a public key that allows the recipient to download and view the certificate.


Beginning September 26, 2016 all State Licensed Design Professionals need to submit their digital signature for verification to the City of Ormond Beach Planning Department using our Digital Signature Form.  Even if you have used your digital signature previously on plans, we are requesting that everyone submit the Digital Signature Form to .  If found to meet the City's established digital signature signing and sealing requirements, the completed Delivery Form will be placed in a file for verification by Staff when they are reviewing plans.  If the digital signature does not meet City requirements, you will be notified how to remedy this.

In order to submit a digital signature for verification, you must complete and digitally sign and seal the Digital Signature Form.

  1. Obtain a digital signature certificate from any valid 3rd party Certification Authority (this is a commercial service provided by several companies, some listed below).
  2. Open the Digital Signature Form and rename it with your last name, first name.
  3. Complete the Digital Signature Form, and digitally sign and seal it.
  4. Send the digitally signed/sealed Digital Signature Form to 

The following are suggested companies that offer digital signature services:

Governing Boards and Florida Statutes:

Electronic Signature Act of 1996

PE Rules FAC

Engineering FS

Architects Rules FAC

Architects and Landscape Architects FS

Landscape Architects Rules FAC

Surveyors Rules

Surveyors FS

Although the Florida Statutes cover electronic plan submittals and digital signatures, the City of Ormond Beach has broad home rule authority under Article VIII, Section 2 of the Florida Constitution and Chapter 166, Florida Statutes to regulate in many areas.  Sections 166.222, 553.791 and 553.80 Florida Statutes specifically authorizes municipalities to provide  a schedule of reasonable inspection fees in order to defer the costs of inspection and enforcement of building codes.  In particular, section 553.80(7(a) as it relates to the enforcement by local governments of the building codes recognizes that the term enforcement includes the review of building plans, inspections, permit processing, etc. So, the City has broad home rule powers to establish an EPlans system as a means of deferring the costs associated with the submittal and review of plans, conducting inspections, etc.