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2016 Candidate Packet
The following materials comprise the 2016 City of Ormond Beach Candidate's Packet; a copy of which is provided to those interested in qualifying for city office. Qualifying for candidates ran from noon on Monday, June 20, 2016 to noon on Friday, June 24, 2016 and is now closed. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact City Clerk Scott McKee by email or phone at (386) 676-3340. 

Download 2016 Candidate Packet

I. General Candidate Information      
City of Ormond Beach Election FAQs PDF
City of Ormond Beach General Candidate Information Sheet PDF
2016 Election Dates  PDF
City Personnel List PDF
Candidate Information Session Flyer (Volusia Supervisor of Elections) PDF
II. City of Ormond Beach Charter and Ormond Beach Election Code   
City of Ormond Beach Charter  PDF
City of Ormond Beach - Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Municipal Elections PDF
III. Election Laws of the State of Florida   
Changes made to Florida Election Code during 2015 legislative session PDF
Compilation of Florida Election Laws (Florida Statutes) PDF
IV.  Guide to the Sunshine Amendment   
Florida Commission on Ethics Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
V. Election Dates and Calendars  
2015 - 2017 Election Dates Calendar  PDF 
Calendar of Reporting Dates for 2016 Candidates   PDF 
2016 Cycle Reporting Dates Brochure   PDF 
VI. Campaign Financing   
Campaign Financing FAQs  PDF
Florida Statutes Chapter 106 - Campaign Financing  PDF
2016 Candidate & Campaign Treasurer Handbook PDF
Do's and Don'ts of Campaign Solicitation and Fundraising PDF
VII. Candidate Forms   
Form DS-DE 9:   Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Despository for Candidates PDF
Form DS-DE 84:  Statement of Candidate PDF
Form DS-DE 12:  Campaign Treasurer's Report Summary PDF
Form DS-DE 13:  Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Contributions PDF
Form DS-DE 13a: Campaign Treasurer's Report - Fund Transfers PDF
Form DS-DE 14:  Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Expenditures PDF
Form DS-DE 14a: Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Distributions PDF
Form DS-DE 87:  Waiver of Report PDF
Form DS-DE 48:  Office Account Report PDF
Form DS-DE 48a: Office Account Disbursement or Deposit Information PDF
Form DS-DE 86:   Request for Return of Contribution PDF
Form DS-DE 2:    Contributions Returned PDF
VIII. Qualifying  
Qualifying FAQs PDF 
Candidate Qualifying Checklist PDF
Notice of Candidacy - Commissioner PDF
Notice of Candidacy - Mayor PDF
Certificate of City Clerk PDF
Certificate of Supervisor of Elections PDF
Loyalty Oath  PDF
Oath of Candidate - Commissioner PDF
Oath of Candidate  - Mayor  PDF
Form-1 Statement of Financial Interests  PDF
Form-1X Amendment to Statement of Financial Interests PDF
Notice of Logic & Accuracy Test Dates (Volusia Supervisor of Elections) PDF 
"Resign-To-Run" FAQs  PDF
IX. Zones and Precincts   
City of Ormond Beach City Commission Zone Maps PDF
City of Ormond Beach Polling Precincts  PDF
X. Voter and Election Information Resources  
Voter and Election Information Resources FAQs PDF
District Demographic Analysis - Ormond Beach PDF
Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Resources available by request:
      Voting and Election Information Price List - for Candidates PDF
      Voter Registration Order Form PDF
      Public Records Request Form PDF
Florida Statutes 101.131 - Watchers at polls PDF
Designation of Poll Watchers - Volusia County PDF
Public Records Exemption Request (Florida Department of State) PDF
XI. Political Signs / Advertising   
Campaign Advertising FAQs PDF
Florida Statutes on Political Advertisements PDF
City of Ormond Beach - Code of Ordinances, Chapter 3, Advertising PDF
City of Ormond Beach - Land Development Code, Section 3-46 G. Political Signs PDF
City of Ormond Beach Political Sign Regulations PDF
Memorandum from Volusia Supervisor of Elections, Re: Usage and Removal of Political Campaign Advertisements PDF
Solicitation Area Instructions PDF
City of Ormond Beach Application for Political Sign Permit  PDF
XII. General Voting Information   
2016 Florida Voter Registration and Voting Guide  PDF
Voter Registration Form  PDF
XIII. Third Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO)  
Third Party Voter Registration Organization FAQs PDF
Third Party Voter Registration Organization Summary PDF
Third Party Voter Registration Situational Examples PDF
Form DS-DE 119:  Florida Third Party Voter Registration Organization Registration PDF
Form DS-DE 41:   Registered Agent Statement of Appointment PDF
Form DS-DE 124:  Supervisor of Elections' Accounting of Third Party Voter Registration Organization's Voter Registration Applications PDF
Form DS-DE 121:  Form for Complaint against Third Party Voter Registration Organization PDF
XIV. Qualifying by Petition  
Qualifying by Petition FAQs PDF
Florida Statutes 99.095 -  Petition process in lieu of qualifying fee  PDF
2016 Candidate Petition Handbook PDF
Candidate Petition Signature Verification Checklist  PDF 
Form DS-DE 104:  Candidate Petition  PDF
Form DS-DE 25:    Candidate Oath - Nonpartisan Office PDF
Affidavit of Undue Burden  PDF
XV. Absentee Voting   
Absentee Voting FAQs PDF
Absentee Voting Guidelines  PDF
Absentee Ballot Request Form  PDF
Affidavit to Pick-Up Absentee Ballot for a Voter PDF