Vacant and Abandoned Real Property

In July 2014, Ordinance No. 2014-28 was enacted to establish a process to govern the maintenance of vacant and abandoned real property in an attempt to prevent a decline in property value, attractive nuisances and a decrease in the aesthetics of the city. Please take time to review the city's Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances for regulations pertaining to Site Maintenance, Use of Temporary Cover for the Temporary Protection of Structures, Swimming Pool Security, as well as other regulations that are intended to provide for the maintenance of properties and structures throughout the City. 

The registry of foreclosed or abandoned real property is maintained by Community Champions Corporation. The registration fee to place a property on the registry is $250.00. Please register at This site is to be used to submit registrations of abandoned real property only. This site is not available to the public. Registrations must be completed online. Please utilize the tutorials below for assistance:
For information on how to register a property or to learn if a property is currently registered please contact Community Champions Corporation's Support/Review team at (321) 421-6639 and/or by email at