Support Services

What We Do:

The Support Services Department provides a wide range of services to support the City Manager's Office, City Commission, City Departments, and the public; including but not limited to:
  • Administrative Services
    • Operating receptionist station on the second floor of City Hall
    • Preparing City Commission workshop and meeting agenda packets and minutes
    • Providing clerical and word processing services to various City departments and advisory boards
  • Election Management
    • Coordination of all municipal elections
    • Coordination and monitoring of the required filing of related financial disclosures by staff, elected officials and candidates
    • Responsible for administering the filing of recall, initiative, and referenda
  • Records Management
    • Maintaining the City's records management program
    • Providing security, retrieval, and disposition for all City Commission actions
    • Public Records Requests
  • Website Administration
    • Managing the City's web and social media presence
    • Providing technical support and training to City staff